About NE Homes [Noor Enclave]

The home that touches nature! Large windows with massive balconies open to outside world and new green vistas. Where each balcony faces themed parks and you will never forget to cherish the scenic beauty day and night. Here, the USP is more than seventy percent area is open to lush green parks, children playgrounds, water fountains, green pathways and the beautiful landscape elements.

This premium quality housing with great amenities like Club House, Shopping Square, Pre School and Nursing Home fits every demand of daily needs. Lifestyle here tunes each day of your life into never ending saga filled with joy and happiness. The gated housing with 24x7 security guards, checking barriers and modern security gadgets like CCTV cameras ensure safety and provides you with peace of mind.

Why Choose us?

We provide homes within Best Price in Market. Best location for you. 100% guaranteed 24x7 services.

Our Vision

Our vision assertion can be encapsulated in our corporate philosophy and motto of `building a better global.

Our Mission

To set standards and enhance our surroundings and environment.

Project Featured

Smart Lifestyle (Smart Living)
24x7 Support
Best Location in the City
Commercial Amenities

Ludhiana's Smartness Just Got Registered!

  • Good, Inter Connectivity Via Bridges

    Good, Inter Connectivity Via Bridges and Subways

  • Pollution Free Environment

    In smart city Ludhiana there is Pollution Free Environment.

  • Public Safety & Security On Streets

    Public Safety & Security On Streets

  • Business Friendly Environment

    In smart city Ludhiana there will be Business Friendly Environment.

  • Health Care & Education

    Health Care & Education

  • 24/7 Support

    24/7 Support

Vision for the Smart Lifestyle

The smart lifestyle that will perfectly embellish and compliment the pleasures of urban living where people will live together in a well defined community with all essentials. The smart way of life that will have sustainable development and high quality of life by way of economy, mobility, environment, housing mobility and governance using information & technology.

The Promise

Over span of 5 years estimated 2841 Crore grant, jointly from Centre and State Government will be sanctioned for the development of LUDHIANA to make it at par with World Class Smart cities. Thus, providing better infrastructure in terms of:

  • Good , Inter Connectivity via bridges / Subways.

  • Organised parks and green spaces for recreation.

  • Solid waste management.

  • Public Transportation.

  • Pollution free environment.

  • Traffic management & parking.

  • Public safety & security on streets.

  • Business friendly environment.

  • Sewerage & Drainage.

  • Adequate & quality water supply.

  • Health Care & Education.

  • 24x7 Power Supply.

  • Dedicated Bicycle tracks in the city.

This Proposed modern, well planned, green mini city will be completely self contained for smart living.

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